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Plucky the Parrot

Plucky the Parrot
Written by my mother, Ruth Quinton
(who insists on calling Noodle “Plucky” because the parrot used to self-mutilate)

There once was a parrot named Plucky
Who truly lived up to her name:
However her keepers abused her
She was really remarkably tame.

They trimmed back her feathers severely,
The left wing much more than her right:-
The result was this brave little birdie
Was restricted to circular flight.

If she spotted a favourite morsel
Some way away on the ground;
She’d rise in the air to fly over there
But could only go round and around!

Exhausted she’d land, but being determined
To savour the morsel she fancied –
She’d waddle along – she was slow, but so strong –
She eventually got there – she made it!!!

The moral must be – as I’m sure you’ll agree –
With tenacity, labour and greed: you don’t have to fly there
Just waddle along there, to your favourite spot for a feed.

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