Woman And Home

A while ago I was approached by Woman & Home, who asked if they could interview me for an article in the November 2012 edition of their magazine. Of course I agreed! It was a lot of fun, especially the photo shoot during which I was given three outfits to wear. Photos were taken in each of these outfits. Here are a couple of “action shots” in the outfit that was eventually chosen and used in the publication, as well as one of the others. Note the high heels. I couldn’t walk in them, so walked barefoot onto the set, and then put them on. What super people to work with – the jokes flowed constantly which helped to keep the atmosphere relaxed and fun.

Apart from getting to wear some lovely clothes, my make-up was put on for me, and my hair ironed. I hope that the other folk that appear in Woman&Home enjoyed their experience as much as I did.

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