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Animal Assisted Therapy in Namibia

Kirsten Drews, one of the attendees at the recent clicker workshops held in Windhoek, Namibia, pictured here with her “gang”. Apart from taking time to learn about dog training techniques, Kirsten also runs a boarding facility for dogs. These pictures were taken with her and some of her “lodgers” during and after having gone for a long walk around Avis Dam. Kirsten has no kennels – all the dogs are kept together in a pack or group. She can take up to 13 dogs i.e. 10 guest dogs plus her three own dogs.

Kirsten is also a qualified animal assisted therapist, a qualification that she attained in Germany. (Please note that the following therapy images are copyrighted to Kirsten Drews).

In her own words: “Because Munich is so far I had a special agreement with the dog school in Munich to teach my dog all practical things for AAT by clicker training in Namibia; and I did learn the theoretical stuff here, too. So I went to Germany for three weeks, to be tested by my teacher during therapy lessons, school visits and therapies and visits in old age homes. Later I had to write an exam, attend a practical exam as therapy team and Monty was tested separately. Tough but wonderful”.

Kirsten lives in Windhoek, Namibia and can be contacted either by her cell phone (+264 81 377 3324) or by e-mail (

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