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Hill’s Puppy School

I am a proud member of the Hill’s puppy school trainers.  Hills has sponsored puppy school initiatives for the last 20+ years, with an aim of educating new pet parents in the care of their puppies, as well as to give them the tools to help their pet adjust happily to society and be a joy to live with.

It is well known that a well-adjusted pet, that fits into the roll the owner anticipated, is more loved and better cared for.

Hill’s mission statement:

To lengthen and enrich the special relationship between people and their pets, whilst reiterating the importance of nutrition for a long and healthy life

The Importance of Puppy Classes
All too often owners wait until their dog’s behaviour has become a problem before they start training. While progress is definitely on the cards with older dogs, the impact that a good puppy socialising school has on a puppy throughout its life cannot be understated. In addition to being socialised with other dogs, puppies learn to respond rather than react to new situations or challenges.

Puppy school helps puppies refine their communication skills They are exposed to other puppies, adults and children. This is one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your new puppy. All types of puppies (pedigreed and crossbreeds) should enroll in a recognised puppy school. Family pets, show dogs and working dogs in particular benefit as the training stands them in good stead for their future “career”, be it family guardian, show stopper or lovable mutt!

As a good owner you ensure that your puppy receives his vaccinations to prevent disease – puppy school could be likened to a behavioural vaccination. A lot of potential problems can be averted by taking your puppy to puppy school.